A simple and economical backup solution, it offers strong protection for customer data in any place.

Backup SYSOPS provides an attractive cloud-based backup solution, replacing tape backups

An attractive cloud-based Solution that represents an alternative to tape backups

Professional or compliance obligations make it necessary for organizations to protect their data for several years. But the volume of these increases exponentially over time. Organizations generally used tapes to keep data in the long term. Backup offers an interesting alternative to tapes, and saves significant savings, reduces recovery times, and keeps data for up to 99 years.

Secure and reliable data recovery and online backup, backup as a service

Backup as a highly secure and reliable service

Your backup data is highly secure, whether in use or at rest. Backup data is stored in a geo-replicated storage that keeps six copies of your data in two data centers in France. With a service availability of 99.9%, backup SYSOPS contributes to your peace of mind.

Backup SYSOPS is an efficient and flexible online backup service

Efficient and flexible online backup Services

Backup is effective on the network and on your disk. After the initial bootstrapping is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a defined frequency. Built-in functions such as compression, encryption, longer retention period, and bandwidth throttling can improve it efficiency.

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