A simple and comprehensive IT maintenance offer for SMEs in Paris – IDF that meets all your IT needs:

Audit, advice, support, maintenance, monitoring of your computer fleet, on-site interventions, network security, remote monitoring and data backup.

A monthly flat-rate price including all benefits.

Get a dedicated technical contact and enjoy our all-inclusive package.

Auditing your computer fleet

We carry out a complete diagnosis of your computer fleet: hardware status, software inventory, network architecture, security levels, general performance, etc.
The audit allows us to know your company's IT fleet perfectly, and thus ensure all of our maintenance services as efficiently as possible. The audit results in a set of technical recommendations that will help you improve your computer fleet and secure it from larger computer threats.

On-site support

Faced with major problems that cannot be solved remotely, we dispatch one of our technicians to the site.
We operate within 24 hours maximum for workstations and within 4 hours for servers and network problems (working days).

Remote support

Your employees have access to our technical hotline. As soon as a user is confronted with a computer problem, a specialized technician will provide a solution to the difficulty encountered, either directly or by taking remote control of the computer.


A company's servers require special attention. To ensure the continued availability of your applications, we ensure the maintenance of your servers by remote supervision.
We monitor in real time the main features of your server as part of our preventative maintenance.

Security of your computer park

As part of the Management Pack, we put in place a real security strategy: firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam.
The Manages Inforance Pack also includes managing your data backups. We define a backup strategy based on your constraints and track them.

Follow-up and advice

Our teams help you keep your IT up to date and adapted to your business. Throughout your contract, we advise you in renewing or improving your IT tools.
We are the force of proposal for the evolution of your architecture, by making you benefit from our experience with our other SME customers. We support you for all your IT projects: hardware renewal, infrastructure evolution, relocation, email migration…

In order to facilitate your day-to-day management, SYSOPS becomes the interface to all your IT providers (domain name manager, ISP, hardware manufacturer, etc.). We manage for you the after-sales service of all these stakeholders, as well as the warranties on equipment.

Personalised customer portal

Our Customer Portal manages your fleet of computer hardware and software. It tracks and tracks all of your assets. You have one-click access to the essential information in your computer fleet:

  • Type of equipment
  • Acquisition dates, warranty termination dates
  • User
  • location
  • Capital
  • Technical features
  • Etc.

It also manages the various IT contracts (Internet connections, domain names, accommodation, etc.).

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