Apple has got its hands on the task by supporting the transition to ARM of several open-source projects, ahead of the release of the first Apple-Silicon Macs scheduled for this fall. Microsoft is also involved in this effort, but not on its own tools for developers: the firm has indeed announced support for the transition of Java. This transition will also help Microsoft, however, as it will bring Java to Windows PCs on ARM.

Java Mac Microsoft

Work on macOS and Windows versions will move forward at the same time, which makes sense for this project specifically dedicated to creating multiplatform apps. Microsoft is not the only company involved and among the participants, Azul is also in a good place. This Java specialist offers less expensive solutions than Oracle, the original owner of this development language.

Several versions of OpenJDK, the open-source version of Java, will be available in Aarch64 for Apple Silicon Macs and ARM PCs. The work will initially focus on the 16 and 17 versions currently in development and which should be released in final versions with integrated compatibility. But as many developers rely on older versions, the team will also adapt OpenJDK 11 and 8 which are very popular.

The first ARM builds from OpenJDK are expected to be available in early 2021. Java is still widely used in large companies, especially for the Eclipse development environment.


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