With Sage e-chantier Alobees, mobile site monitoring application,

you have a new asset of success to stay connected and productive even remotely.


Management of after-sales service interventions on the move

The Alobees e-service module is linked to Batigest Connect and makes it possible to manage the schedule of interventions / repairs by companions on the move, to follow the progress of the intervention and to have the customer sign once the service / troubleshooting has been carried out.


Follow the interventions on your site and interact with your companions.
Notify them of a delivery, a change of schedule or share photos with them!
Arrive at your site meeting with an up-to-date intervention schedule accessible via
your smartphone! In a construction site meeting, you have everything in your pocket!


Plan, and modify your schedule at will. Construction manager and workers,
everyone is aware in real time. If you want to change the Friday schedule
during the weekend, do it in one click via your Alobees App
and the companion will be alerted of his new assignment!


The temporary workers are still not there? The customer will disembark and the reserves
are still not lifted? Don't worry! You are alerted when you need to!

Shared Schedule

Planning of interventions in a shared schedule. Follow-up of the progress of the intervention, taking photos and notes.

Signature of intervention vouchers

At the customer's premises once the service / troubleshooting has been carried out. Extraction of the intervention report PDF (signature…)

Management of time spent

Companions on the intervention.

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