We are integrators of management software.

We support companies to help them choose and deploy their Sage management software.

We are present in all phases of the project:

  • Needs analysis
  • Installation
  • Data configuration and recovery
  • Year-round assistance

A true partner on a daily basis

Our different services

1. Needs analysis

We make several appointments to fully understand and delimit the needs of users:

  • Analysis meeting
  • Writing an analysis report
  • Validation of the analysis book

2. Software Integration

Once we have understood the needs and found the most suitable software, we proceed to its implementation:

  • Installation
  • Parameterization
  • Historical Data Recovery

3. Training

All this is nothing, without user buy-in and understanding.
That's why we lead theoretical and practical training sessions on the software put in place.

  • Discovery
  • Advance
  • Bespoke

4. Daily support

Software is installed, users are trained, you can start working on the solution.
But rest assured, you are not alone!
We ensure a follow-up, to be at your side on a daily basis.

  • Telephone support
  • Technical watch
  • Legal monitoring