The solution for a flow rate is to combine multiple connections into one

Today, professionals are asking for faster internet connections. The needs evolve as well as the size of the files, the new backup systems outsourced with the cloud. FTTH Fiber arrives, but many companies are not yet eligible. VDSL can greatly improve the flow rates, but limited only 1km of distance to benefit… see less according to the diameter of the cable.
There are alternatives like the SDSL which allows to have a better flow rate compared to ADSL, but at the expense of losing the flow down and much more expensive… or even 4g which can be an alternative.
The solution for a speed rise is to associate several connections in one, with the Multi-WAN solution It is possible to add up to 4 Internet connections and no matter the type (ADSL, fibre, VDSL, SDSL, 4g).
The Multi-WAN solution provides you with a fixed IP for all connections, with anti-DDOS protection, AES-256 encryption, Load Balancing, fail-over, Qos for VoIP calls…

Secure your Internet Access

A connection to the Internet is an indispensable element for most companies, and any disconnection is at least costly or even dramatic.
The multi-Wan solution secures your access to the Internet: thanks to its secondary line, the multi-Wan solution allows you to protect yourself from the possibility of breaking one or more connections. No interruption of service if there is a problem on one of the lines. The Multi-WAN solution preserves your Internet connection to ensure the continuity of your business!


Make Your connection

The fluctuations in the flow of your Internet access impact your daily life and can slow down your activity.
By adding 2 to 8 connections to your main line, the Multi-WAN solution allows you to increase your throughput considerably, to stabilize the latter and to warn you of micro-cuts. Make your Internet access and work serenely with the Multi-WAN solution!





Improve your VoIP connection

The Multi-WAN solution integrates a rule to give the advantage to telephony, even if the connection is used in parallel for other tasks.



Strengthen Your privacy

The Multi-WAN solution secures your data and infrastructure thanks to the anti-DDoS protection developed by OVH, which avoids some computer attacks, and the encryption of your streams (AES-256 bits) from the local network to the OVH infrastructure.




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