In a difficult health context that forces us all to use our internet connections even more, Our imageO customer and their neighbours at the Mont-Louis impasse in Paris 11th have a very low ADSL speed. Despite these speeds, these companies are not eligible for 4G boxes…

SYSOPS makes it possible for these forgotten fiber optics to have access to a good high speed.

Letter sent to the Paris bride and ARCEP on 30/11/2020


In the current health context, our client IMAGEO finds itself greatly impacted economically by the fact that their premises located at 7 Mont-Louis 75011 is not fibrous.

The company IMAGEO publishes and broadcasts multimedia content, this content is hosted in their local servers and the slow flow of ADSL internet speed makes access to this data remotely and telecommuting of employees almost impossible.

We contacted the Orange operator who referred us to your services (11th Arrondissement Urban Planning Service).

Can you please, take into account our request, and forward our request to the right service to accelerate the deployment of fiber in this impasse.

We attach the map of fiber deployments (ARCEP card of September 8, 2020) or we find that the dead end Mont-Louis in the 75011 is still ineligible for fiber except a privileged few …

Letter sent to the Paris bride and ARCEP on 30/11/2020

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