Windows 10 S Mode

The idea of a light OS continues its way, because Microsoft is going to make Windows 10 S a Windows 10 mode, with a toll-free toggle for devices delivered in this mode to Windows 10.

The adventure started in October 2012 with the RT version of the OS delivered on the ARM tablets and on the first Surface tablets of Microsoft,
Windows RT allowed exclusively the use of Windows Store applications, this did not convince at the time (except me that continues to use my RT Surface) and the OS was dropped by Microsoft in March 2015.

With Windows 10 S unveiled in May 2017, Microsoft did not bury the idea of a OS Light, which only runs applications from Windows store. The idea is not bad because such a functioning makes that the OS starts faster, the performance is better and the autonomy is more important for the laptops that are equipped, the safety when it is more increased because the Applications are controlled upstream by a battery of tests before their publications on the Windows store unlike a traditional application.

The S mode will offer an experience identical to the Windows 10 S edition. It will be integrated, specifies Microsoft, in Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and Pro editions.

The arrival of the S mode should be done on the occasion of the Redstone Update 4 v 1803 ("Spring Creators Upodate") scheduled for spring in final version, since it is about the "Next update of Windows 10" for this change. Confusion however at this level since Joe Belfiore evokes "next year" in his tweet.

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