Developers can now run their Ubuntu Linux applications on Windows 10 and Windows Server, announces Canonical.
The openings between Windows and Linux environments are constantly multiplying.


While Windows 10 hosts a Linux console in the form of a subsystem (Windows Sub System for Linux, WSL), it is now possible to launch docking containers on Windows 10 and Windows Server. The 2000s in which Steve Ballmer, then Microsoft leader, described Linux as cancer are definitely behind us. "Canonical and Microsoft have partnered to offer a truly special experience – using Ubuntu containers with Hyper-V isolation on Windows 10 and Windows Server," said Dustin Kirkland, in charge of Ubuntu's product strategy within The company founded by Mark Shuttleworth. They will be able to refer to this tutorial to run Linux containers under the Microsoft environment.

8GB RAM and Insider

A 64-bit x86 machine with 8 GB of RAM is enough. However, you must be a member of the Windows Insider beta test program. The initiative should therefore delight developers who want to exploit Linux applications under Windows environment using the Open Source operating environment. Ubuntu for the time in this case. This initiative is in addition to the availability of Canonical distribution as an application from the Windows awning. Ubuntu was certainly already executable via WSL. But this application greatly simplifies the installation process. Enough to be satisfied with the developers under Linux and Windows environment at the same time. Source: silicon.fr

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