Simply manage your building activity: from quotes to site monitoring

Optimize your construction sales management with Sage Batigest Connect, the evolution of Sage Batigest i7.
Make better decisions and boost your business with a mobile, intuitive solution dedicated to building contractors and craftsmen.

Sage Batigest Connect:

The intuitive solution that accompanies you in the management of your activity, from the creation of your quotes to the follow-up of your sites.

Quote, invoicing, work situation

Save time with high-performance modules: organization of sales documents into levels (slices, phases, lots), insertion of variants, choice of edited parts, word processing type layout (font, color, alignment, insertion of images, spell checker), freedom of input (unreferenced works, entry of free texts, additions of amendments in progress invoices), configurable input grid (management of dry disbursement, cost price and margins, calculation of execution times, etc.), connection to the eco-premium simulator (RGE), import format BIMétré.

Customer, supplier and subcontractor files

Your customer, supplier and subcontractor files are centralized: Multi-address module, histories, representatives, geographical sectors, etc.


Optimize the creation of your library: books, articles, machines, labor, installed supplies, purchase and sale unit. Import the rates or log in to Sage e-tariff. The VAT rates of the construction industry are taken into account.

Price study

Consult all the data on your prices, accessible at any time: visualization of the impact of price or rate changes in the quote and assessment of the deviations obtained, discount and update to the line, management of ancillary costs and distribution, edition of final statements with management of endorsements, advance payments and credits, assistant for importing external files (ASCII, Excel®) of the document body.


Eradicate errors with automatic quantity calculation and import-export of rows or slices from one document to another.

Transfer of documents

Access your documents in one click: quote, endorsement, sales order, customer-return delivery note, direct invoice and progress in percentage or deposit, credit; retention of guarantee and schedules according to the methods of payment; purchase orders from quotes or sales orders.

Site monitoring and stock management

Optimize the control of your stocks with these modules: stock by site and inter-stock movements, automatic incrementation-decrement of stock via supplier orders, on-site consumption monitoring and invoicing, safety-rolling thresholds and PAMP management.

Personalization and openness

Your quotes, invoices and service sheets are customizable and the software scalable: Windows ergonomics® 10, Data export to Microsoft Office®, additional customizable fields, backup wizard, online help, accounting link with Sage 50 (for TPE) or Sage 100 (for SMEs).

A subscription to Sage Batigest Connect includes 1 named user by default. To have multiple users, you must subscribe to a subscription whose price will depend on the number of users. Beyond 3 workstations, for optimized data access, Sage Batigest Connect will have to be installed on a main workstation such as Windows Server (see our recommendations). This networked installation requires technical support. To find out more about the cost of this service and several users, contact our sales department.


  • Windows™ 10 (i)
  • Internet Explorer (required, version 10 or higher)
  • Single-core processor at 2.9 Ghz or higher
  • SSD
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 points